Best HTML Responsive Website Design with CSS3 jQuery

How to Create Responsive Web Design without using Bootstrap ?

Responsive Website Template using HTML CSS
Create HTML Responsive Template using CSS and jQuery

I'm sure you've heard this - "If you want to make a Responsive Website, so go with the Bootstrap". Me too friends. I've created many Responsive Websites with the help of Bootstrap. But why I used Bootstrap for responsive design ?

The simple answer is - "Because, I didn't have good knowledge of CSS". One day my in my office my senior gave me an HTML Template and asked me to make it responsive.

Then I started to work and included the Bootstrap files and started to adding Bootstrap Grid and Classes. After finish one page, I show the design to my senior. Immediate he got that - I've used the Bootstrap in this project.

And he asked to remove the Bootstrap and make this Website Responsive without Using Bootstrap. Then I shocked and asked my senior - "Is it possible to make a website responsive without Bootstrap"?

He gave me to answer "Yes" and told me to - "We Can Make Responsive Website with CSS Only too". After that, I took some days to learn about Mobile Responsive Design with CSS. After that, I boost my CSS skills.

And now, I use maximum my own implementation to make Responsive Website Designs.

So this was a short story of mine, and welcome back friends to the CodingTuting. I'm Jignesh Panchal with another awesome tutorial. Friends, I hope you like our last beautiful creation on CSS Scroll Animation. If you haven't seen, please Click here.

Let's move to today's article - Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3.

I've created full single page Responsive Website Templates. In this, I've used HTML5 structure, CSS3 for responsive and animation and some JS and jQuery for toggle the class. We've the following features in this template.

1. Responsive Navigation Bar with Animation
2. Scrollable Image Strip and more

Preview of HTML Responsive Web Design with CSS

Scroll Animation CSS jQuery, 16 Cool Animations on Scroll

How to Make On Scroll Animation

16 Different Scroll Animation with CSS and jQuery
Animation on Scroll with CSS and jQuery at CodingTuting

UI Animations are the key effect on the beauty of any Web Page. Animation on Scroll is one of them. Today we'll learn How to make CSS Animation on Scroll using jQuery.

So, welcome back friends to the CodingTuting. I'm Jignesh Panchal with another awesome tutorial. Friends, I hope you like our last cool creation on Login Form. If you haven't seen, please Click here.

Let's move to today's creation.

I've created 16 different animations. I used CSS3 to created the animation and jQuery to control the animation. Many scroll animations are performed only once, then we need to reload the web page to see the animation again.

But our animation works with every scroll, it doesn't need to reload the web page. We'll create the following kinds of Scroll Animation CSS.

1. CSS Zoom Animation
2. CSS Fade Animation
3. CSS Rotate Animation
4. CSS Flip Animation
5. CSS Bounce Animation

Preview of CSS Scroll Animation jQuery

Cool login Form in html with animate css effect, javascript

How to Create Login and Registration Form in HTML

Login Form in HTML with CSS3 Animation and JavaScript
Beautiful LogIn Form in HTML CSS & JavaScript

HTML Login Form is one of those creations which beginners create most in learning web design. And the Login Form Design is one of the first looks of Website or Web Application. Like Facebook, Gmail, etc all have a Login Form in the first look.

And, today we'll Create a Login Form with the help of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript with a Cool Animation. So, welcome to the website CodingTuting with Jignesh Panchal. Friends, I hope you like our last beautiful creation on Count Your Characters.

Let's move ahead to today's creation.

How to Create CSS Responsive Login Form ?

It's so easy to create friends. Just you've good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm not asking about a strong knowledge. But your basic knowledge is important for this kind of creation.

Many Login Forms are available on the internet, but many of them are not responsive. And you know that - I always focus on responsive design. So our this CSS Login Form Template is fully responsive.

Preview of CSS Login form Design

Character Count online tool, get JavaScript function count

Count your character with the help of an easy tool of CodingTuting. And learn How to Create Character Count Tool for our Website.

Character Count Online Tool in JavaScript
Character Count with Space | JavaScript Function Tool

Sometimes we need to type and submit our content on any website. And many websites have a fixed limit of character. We can't write more than limit. And some websites don't show the number of characters which we type at that time.

So we start to count our character manually while typing, which is so annoying. Today we'll make our own tool fo Character Count with Space. So Welcome Back to the CodingTuting with Jignesh Panchal

Friends I hope you like our last post which was on Pricing Table in CSS with Cool Animation. If you haven't check it - so please check it by Click here. Believe me, it is an awesome creation.

Let's move ahead towards today's creation.

Basically today we are going to learn JavaScript onKeyup and JavaScript onPaste Event. We'll create a function for character count and call that function using onKeyup and onPaste event.