Test Responsive Design of a Website | Mobile Friendly Test Quickly

Learn How To Test Responsive Design of a Website | Mobile-Friendly Test Quickly

Do you want to test that - the responsive design of your website is supporting very well in all kinds of devices? So here you'll get the best quick method of this.

Test the view of website in all kinds of devices mobile responsive test
Sample View of Responsive Design of a Website CodingTuting

1. What mean of Responsive Website

In simple words we can understand - "Responsive" means "Auto - Adjustable". Means a web page who can adjust own view/layout according to the display size/resolution, is known as "Responsive Web Page".

And the collection of Responsive Web Pages is known as "Responsive Website".

2. What is the need of Responsive Web Design

Early people used the internet in PC only. And that time, web design was based on only PC resolutions. When the mobile revolution started to grow quickly, the "mobile internet users" were being increased day by day.

But the web page was showing the same as PC's view in mobile browsers too. So people needed to zoom the screen and move the display to right, left, up, down direction for reading the content of the webpage.

Due to this - the website which was opening in mobile devices was not UI friendly.

To overcome this issue and to make better UI - The Responsive Web Design Introduced, which is a combination of JavaScript and CSS.

3. Best Way of Test Responsive Design of Website

The best way of Test Responsive Design of any Website is the Browser's Debugger. This debugger contains many in-built tools which are known as "Developer Tools".

Now let's see below steps of How To Use Debugger to Test The Responsiveness of Website.

Step 1 - Right-click on Web Page and Select "Inspect Element"

Go To Inspect Element

The Debugger will appear like this.

 View of Website Debugger

Step 2 - Now click on "Toggle Device Toolbar" which is on the left-hand side

Toggle Developer Tool

Step 3 - Now use the right-hand side vertical bar move right-left to see the view of the website

Test the Responsive Design of Website

Step 4 - You can also choose the "Responsive" option on top to choose the model number of the device. And you can also set your own resolution from the bottom "Edit" option in "Responsive" dropdown.

Choose Display Resolution

I hope now you got that - "How To Test Responsive Design of a Website".

Please let us know in the comment if you've any query.

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